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Realm of Zorcon email

Hi, and Welcome Home

This is nothing more than an experiment in future frustration.  Simply put, if you are bored enough to wander through, we can provide some mindless content and a minimal amount of diversion.


All things on the male side of this equation,  From 'local files' to his better known works, start here and prepare to be humbled.



It is no wonder we are tricky to track down.  Dive in here for the shared experience, all the G-rated couple fun you can stand (and probably more than that).



The fairer side of the union, up to and including original written works and other drivel, hype and nonsense.


The Rest

Quite literally, anything that does not fit into a nice neat package or any of the other categories.


The Cats

You knew 'em and we love 'em - the Micro Lions!  They share a big part of our lives and deserve their space, along with every chair, bed and pillow we own!


The Dog

Call us crazy - you would not be the first - but we gave some precious space to Mr. Mike.  Yes, we may regret that decision and by all that is good and wholesome we take absolutely NO responsibility for the content.


World Of Warcraft

Craft Items

Remodeling Page

All things China *NEW*

Kingdom of Sif

PnP Files

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